Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9.5 Months and counting

It has almost been 10 months since I married the most wonderful person in the world! Life has been super busy with both of us in school and working, but I am enjoying every second of life!

Jeffrey is in his senior year as a Psychology major and will graduate in December. He has been super busy with school and with his research team.

I am finishing up the pre-requisites for nursing school while working at State Farm Insurance.

We are loving Logan! We have made many friends and really love our ward. We are teaching in the primary and enjoy it! Our class is pretty amazing!

We have a dog named Coco and a kitty named Skydz-womps ( Jeffrey named her-but its starting to grow on me). Coco and Skydz are best friends and we enjoy watching them wrestle.

this was our family picture June 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Best Day of My Life

I am married! It was an absolutely perfect day! Well, not everything went completely perfect, but overall I married the most wonderful man and it was perfect! I am waiting to get our pictures back and then I was going to post, but I want to scream.... "I AM MARRIED TO JEFFREY MARK ORME". I am loving married life! The move-in was kind of rough though! Jeffrey had to be out of his old apartment on the morning of our wedding day and I had more of my belongings brought up from Texas. The weekend was all full of family, food, boxes, and wedding preparations.

The ceremony was amazing. I was able to be sealed to Jeffrey forever! This was a lifelong goal and I have completed it...with my prince charming. My mother and family pulled off a flawless reception! It was simple but elegant. I loved it! It was my dream reception, for sure. We partied all night and great music was provided by Tyler Hansen...one of Jeffrey's mission companions. He played the guitar and sang some great songs! Shelby Miller, who, by the way, is now engaged to the great Kali Pearce, hooked up his iPod full of tunes and saved our butts! We had been meaning to do the playlist, but so many things were going on! Jeffrey had 4 finals the week of the wedding and I was trying to finish the last minute things. I had the greatest day ever! Getting sealed to Jeffrey, seeing family, eating delicious food and dancing the night away...formula for a perfect day!

Hope I can get some pictures up here soon!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Beginning of Forever

i've always heard that married people get blogs... i am not married right now, but will be in nine days. this is such an exciting time in my life and i want to document every single minute of it. jeffrey is absolutely the man of my dreams and i can't wait to be with him FOREVER. so here is to the beginning of forever.